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From Track Star to Business Owner

CEO of Elite Vision Empire (EVE CUSTOMS) Emanuel C. Mayers has now done what very few would possible think of doing. He has turned his focus from his professional track career to becoming an entrepreneur and selling hats. Growing up, Mayers was very active playing multiple sports and doing countless activities. Mayers was a National Athlete for the Country of Trinidad and Tobago. After many different business ideas, hats were his ultimate passion. Having a hat collection exceeding over 100 hats, Mayers stop collecting hats because he felt hats became "too generic." He wanted to bring his ideas to life and show people that with the right vision and dedication, you can achieve anything.

"When I first started, I had no clue what I was doing. I had great ideas and a business savvy mentality." This is exactly what he needed, but with a year to learn more and get experience; this was the real game changer. Now that the business is off the ground, Mayers continues to find ways and new ideas to grow a bigger market base. He once said he would sell all his possessions to see his business thrive.

"What many people fail to realize is that you only get one go around on this Earth. That's all you get; one try to fail at something or one try to succeed at it. Yes, you can try over and over if you please, but so many people don't even get the opportunity to chase a dream or a goal that they desired for years. I've been doing that my entire life, so why would I stop now? I chase my goals and dreams and I try my best not to be defeated. I've endured hardship and dark hours just like many people. Some wouldn't possibly believe the struggle I went through, but the same struggle pushed me to where I am today. Never count yourself out because if you take one more step, you just might be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is exactly what keeps me going. We all have a light inside of us, but we just need to make it bright enough that nothing or no one can put it out."

As the season's change, Mayers is getting ready to prepare for his offseason training in track and field. Dreams of pursuing a lifelong goal of becoming a Olympian is well within his reach. After coming off a great season, Mayers ended with a Pan Am gold medal being 3rd leg on Trinidad's relay team. Mayers feels there is still strong chance he can contend becoming an Olympian. Only the Lord knows, but Mayers faith is strong and plans to resign his contract with CEP in the next month.

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