Get Trained by Coach Manny 

Anyone can be good, but greatness is when you can take your raw ability plus tools taught to you in order to maximize your performance.

As a coach, my priority is to assess your weaknesses and correct them to improve your overall performance. Many people want speed, but lack proper running mechanics. Others want to record higher verticals, but lack leg and core strength. This list goes on, but I am here to correct physical weakness and mental challenges. With expert workouts and exercises, going from good to great is the only option.


  • 2015 Pan-Am Games 4x400 Champion

  • 2013 2x CAC Games Champion 400IH, 4x400

  • 2010 NACAC Bronze 4x400m

  • 5x All-American MSU 09'-12'

  • 11x All-SEC MSU 08'-12'

  • 2x State Champion 400IH 06'-07"

  • 2x Nike Outdoor All-American 06'-07'

  • 4x Penn Relays Champion 07',10',15',16'

Sprint and Block Mechanics
Broad Jump
Core Strength
Hurdle Technique 
Weight Loss
Muscle Mass
Body Toning

Choose Your Plan

  • 6pm Youth Training

    Every month
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    • Acceleration (Steps, Stride Frequency, Low Heel Recovery)
    • Body Posture ( Running Form, Body Alignment)
    • Knee Lift, Hip and Core Stability
    • Footwork (Agility, Stability, Quickness)
    • Arm Mechanics
    • Block Starts (3pt Start, Standing Start)
    • Football Related Drills
    • Light Body Weight Exercises
  • Adult Fitness Class

    Every month
    4 Days Per Week. 6am or 6pm
    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (8am)
    • Weights, Resistance, Plyometrics, and Body Weight Exercises
    • Burn Calories and Get Fit
  • 6pm Track Training

    Every month
    2 Hour Hurdles Sessions
    • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    • Offseason Training (Strength Endurance)
    • Hip Mobility
    • Hip and Core Strength
  • 12 Sessions

    Drop-in when you find time.
    Valid for 2 months
    • Weights, Resistance, Plyometrics, and Body Weight Exercises
    • Sessions are designed on clients specific needs or liking.