CEO Emanuel C. Mayers
Before pursuing his first business adventure in 2014, Emanuel C. Mayers was born and raised in Lakewood, NJ. Growing up Mayers was an active child when it came to sports. His parents put him in sports such as soccer, track, and martial arts. He was well known for his speed and coaches recognized his talents as he racked up gold medals in summer running programs. As he matured his talents would make him an extraordinary athlete. Not known for being the brightest in his class, he made sure to keep up with his studies and worked hard in school. "It's nice to a great athlete, but without the grades, I knew I wouldn't meet the requirements to compete at a serious NCAA college." Most would say he was a very humble young man and always tried to spread positivity. After winning the 400 intermediate hurdle state title in 2006, he was able to repeat his success in 2007 and was also a 2x All-American. Mayers received a scholarship to Mississippi State University and would attend the fall semester of 2007.
The same way he had to work up the rankings in high school, he had to do the same in college. His freshmen year he became a 2x- All-SEC athlete but was unable to become an All- American. Off the track, Mayers made sure to attend his classes and have the requirements to stay eligible [and] work his way towards a college degree. He also attended his first international race in 2008. Having dual citizenship, he ran at the Trinidad National Senior Championships where he placed 4th in the 400ih. Later that summer, he represented Trinidad and Tobago at World Junior Championships in Poland where he made it to the semi-finals.
In his sophomore year, he continued to get progress and became an All-American. He went from a 90% scholarship to a Full Ride. "It was a blessing to see my hard work pay off. I knew it was just the beginning and I was hungry for more." Mayers's junior year was similar in success and was known for his leadership role on the team. His senior (2012) was one of his most disappointing years in track. He missed qualifying for the Olympics by .6 of a second. The passion he once had for track slowly diminished and found himself unmotivated.
In 2013, he still continued to train and compete. His season started off very slow due to minor injuries but was able to bring home two gold medals at the Caribbean and Central American Games. Even though his passion was lost, at heart he was still doing what he loved without even knowing it. 2014 was, even more, promising for Mayers. He moved to Trinidad to train with his good friend Jehue Gordon who was the reigning world champion. He managed to win Trinidad National Champs in the 400ih with a new personal best of 49.57. His eyes were set going to Commonwealth Games and bringing home another medal. He put forth a great effort but failed to advance to the finals after running out of gas during the final stretch of the race.
After coming off one of his best seasons, Mayers decided to move back to the United States and trained himself in Tallahassee, Fl. His dedication to his program was key to having a great season. The passion he once lost, returned and made training less stressful. He not only focused on his track career but started working with young athletes from Lakewood, NJ during the fall. Also at this time, Mayers was debating on what business he would like to start. Selling hats was something he thought would be a good idea and something he could relate to. Thinking of a name took a great deal of time for him. Originally, the name he chooses was Francesco King, but after a few months he came up with something more meaning full and creative. Not knowing the amount of time and dedication it would take, Elite Vision Empire was supposed to launch late 2014. Due to inexperience, Mayers decided to take more time to learn the industry and gather as much knowledge as possible.
With a year of cushion, this gave Mayers time to focus on his track career. He signed with an agent for the first time and represented by CEP Management. With hard training, Mayers was preparing to compete at the Pan Am Games in Toronto, Canada. He was a part of the quartet that struck gold in the 4x4 with a time of 2.59.60. Then two weeks later at the NACAC Games, he placed 4th in the 400ih with a time of 49.95. As his track season came to an end, Mayers returned home in Lakewood where he focused on his business and is working towards finding multiple streams of success off the track. To this day, Mayers continues to find ways to help his community and motivate others.
Fast forward to 2020, Emanuel retired from Professional running May 2018 after finishing 4th at the Grenada Invitational. The business once known as Elite Vision Empire had multiple name changes but is now called Apparel Dash. He also the founder of Hurdle University, a hurdle education, and consultant company. During the Covid Pandemic, he decided he wanted to start personal training and is now one of the top trainers in NJ. He is a trainer at All Star Sports Academy and one hopes to be a top recognized trainer.
In the last few years, he has grown as a person realizing materialistic things have less value to him and his legacy is what is more important. He created Meet Your Motivation in 2016 but finally debut it in April 2020. With much success as an entrepreneur.
Mayers is thankful he bet on himself and not someone else's.
"People think that life is supposed to be easy. No matter what you want to achieve in life, you must work for it. That has been the biggest life lesson."
Emanuel C. Mayers
Mr. Meet Your Motivation