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The Journey



EVE CUSTOMS, (Elite Vision Empire LLC) journey started in late 2014 with nothing more than a vision. After a few months of brainstorming, the name Elite Vision Empire and logo were created.


Emanuel C. Mayers, the CEO,  was inspired by fashion at a young age. He constantly used old clothing to redesign shirts growing up. Later on, he became a big fan of fitted caps and snapbacks, which lead to his passion for starting a hat company. "I wanted to bring a new flavor to hats and use my creativity to design a product worth wanting. Something that’s affordable but still valued as high-quality fashion."


After his professional track season in 2015 finished, he decided to dedicate all his time to his business and pushed for it to be launch in the fall of 2015. EVE CUSTOMS started with a dream, but with time, patience, and preparation, EVE CUSTOMS has grown to more than what the initial vision was. They are now doing more than hats and also taking custom orders. "It's crazy how far we have come and continue to grow," said the CEO. They now do clothing, embroidery, wall decals, window clings, and banners. With major investments in the company, also came a change in the company name. They went by 100Kustoms.


The company name change came after, ordering food and the young lady at the counter thought Elite Vision Empire was an eyeglasses company. Within a few days, 100Kustoms is the revamp and started working on the clothing line called 100K THE BRAND.

The company has recently relocated to Atlanta, Ga for more opportunities, and expanding its market. On, April 24, 2018, Mayers started a non-profit called 100K FOR KIDS. It is a non-profit organization that wants to inspire and motivate kids to follow their dreams and become entrepreneurs. "Giving back is a big part and we want to continue that for the youths", said Mayers. 

Before relocated to Atlanta, Mayers tore his ACL and MCL playing basketball. When he finally found out 5 months later, he needed to have surgery in NJ and realize business was better in New Jersey. At the time of his surgery, he invested $25,000 into his business and told himself if he made $18000 in 3rd quarter he would stay in New Jersey. He was short by less than $2,000 of his goal but decided the best decision was to stay in New Jersey. He also invested another $15,000 to reach another market in his business. The business name changed to Apparel Dash LLC and his nephew Kahri become a business partner. "He's worked hard over the years and has been with me since day one. I want him to be on this journey with me for many many years to come."

As business picked up, Mayers started working on Apparel Dash's online business platform to launch in 2020. Since Apparel Dash was doing well, he spent less time focusing on 100K The Brand and realize that he didn't want to move forward with it. Instead, he decided to work on his personal brand that reflected his body of work. Meet Your Motivation was an idea thought back in 2016, but really never took off. Going into 2020, he put his energy into it and today Meet Your Motivation is a representation of his Success and the message preaches to his followers.

To learn check out his biography and always motivation others.