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Motivation is like positive energy. With that energy, use it to fuel your goals. With the right mindset, you can achieve your wildest dreams.

meet your motivation

"A lot of times we come up with great ideas, have a solid vision but never            achieve our goals. Time and time again, I've managed to succeed. You
         can plan and prepare all you want, but without the power to execute
                your ideas and visions are nothing more than dreams."
               Emanuel C. Mayers aka Coach Manny 
Welcome to Meet Your Motivation
"I am Emanuel C. Mayers better known as Mr. Meet Your Motivation. Many people ask me, what does it take to be successful? The answer that was once a mystery during my first 3 years of business, I answered in 1 WEEK before making a 25K investment to expand one of my businesses. Ever since then, I've hit every quarterly goal, increased my profit margins, and learned to stop mismanaging both personal and business accounts. I went from feeling stressed to only focusing on how can I be more successful and the ultimate goal of financial freedom. If you have read this much, then you know success doesn't fall on death ears. I was gifted with a talent to motivate others and motivation fuels success. Now my next step in life is to become one of the worlds best trainers! Welcome to Meet Your Motivation."  
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